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Features and Plans for Home

Features and Plans

Unlock the full potential of your business with our comprehensive Features and Plans, tailored to meet your specific needs and propel your success.

Verification and Security

Safeguard your documents with immutability, auditability, and transparency. With secure key management, hassle-free verification through QR codes, and global accessibility, authenticate your achievements instantly and reliably.


Elevate document storage with LegiCred’s seamless API integration and connect systems for streamlined management effortlessly. Stay informed with real-time notifications using webhooks. Securely manage educational documents with LegiCred’s powerful integration capabilities.

Issuance & Access

Streamline certificate issuance with LegiCred’s single issuance feature and import/export bulk certificates in digital and PDF formats effortlessly. Ensure trust with revocation and transferability options. Enjoy certificate renewal, role-based access control, and advanced search/filter features for effortless document management.

Social Media, Design & Branding

Seamlessly share your secure educational documents on social media. Customize your branding with logo, templates, and seals. Integrate with Canva for stunning designs and enjoy white-labeling and branded email notifications.


Our dedicated team is here for you, offering comprehensive assistance via email, on-call, and 24/7 availability. Trust us to provide prompt and reliable support, making your LegiCred journey seamless and worry-free.