Transforming Education with Blockchain-Powered Credentials

LegiCred offers a secure and efficient way for universities to issue and verify academic credentials, saving time and costs while increasing transparency and trust.

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Reasons To Adopt Blockchain Technology To Secure Your Educational Certificates

Blockchain ensures immutable records, secure storage, and easy verification for certificates, making it an ideal solution. Those verifiable digital certificates, resultantly, establish authenticity and reliability. 

Fraudulent Degrees And Credentials

The widespread existence of forged degrees and fraudulent credentials can result in substantial losses for employers, universities, and individuals alike. NYT’s 2015 exposé revealed Axact produced 300+ fake university degrees.

Verification Delays And Inefficiencies

Education credential verification is time-consuming and inefficient, causing hiring delays, lost productivity, and higher costs. National Student Clearinghouse found employers take up to six months to verify education (2019).

Lack Of Transparency And Trust

Opaque education credentials hinder informed decisions by employers and higher education institutions. As per an ACFE Report: 22% of frauds cost at least $1M in losses. Organizations lose 5% of annual revenue to fraud. 

How Blockchain Can Help

Blockchain technology can assist in forged document detection, preventing fake degrees and credentials by providing a secure and tamper-proof system for storing and verifying educational records. Each educational achievement stored on the blockchain is cryptographically secured, which makes it virtually impossible to alter or falsify. This means that employers can trust the authenticity of the credentials presented to them, and individuals can have complete control over their educational records. 

What is LegiCred?

LegiCred is a revolutionary blockchain-powered solution designed to securely store educational documents. It utilizes blockchain technology to create a tamper-proof platform for issuing and verifying academic credentials. LegiCred ensures authenticity and establishes a dependable, transparent, and easily accessible system that eliminates risks commonly associated with traditional record-keeping methods.

Its swift and effortless verification process, makes LegiCred an ideal choice for employers, universities, and individuals who want to securely store and share academic credentials with confidence.

LegiCred Flow


Digital certificates issued on LegiCred are encrypted, timestamped and tamper-proof.


Blockchain-based digital certificates have lifelong validity and proof of ownership.


Social sharing of verifiable digital certificates boosts brand credibility in the market.

How LegiCred Works

LegiCred utilizes distributed ledger technology to securely store and verify educational certificates, ensuring immutable and transparent records.  

Step 01

Step 01

The issuing institution creates and verifies the educational document, which is then digitized and stored for blockchain storage.
Step 02

Step 02

The document is hashed and encrypted to ensure its security and prevent unauthorized access.
Step 03

Step 03

A transaction is created that includes the hashed document and relevant information, and broadcasted to the blockchain network.
Step 04

Step 04

The transaction is verified by multiple nodes and added to a block, which is then added to the blockchain through mining.
Step 05

Step 05

The document is stored on the blockchain, and the recipient can access it through their private key.
Step 06

Step 06

The recipient can share the document with others while ensuring its authenticity through blockchain verification.
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University Program Creation

LegiCred provides universities with the capability to design and establish their educational programs. This feature empowers academic institutions to craft and offer diverse courses and curriculum, tailored to their unique educational objectives and student needs. It facilitates flexibility and innovation in program development, enabling universities to stay responsive to evolving educational trends and market demands, ultimately enhancing their offerings and competitiveness in the higher education landscape.

Program Structure Definition

LegiCred empowers universities to define the structure of their academic programs. This includes specifying the organization of semesters and the composition of courses within each semester. Additionally, universities can assign credit values to individual courses. This feature allows institutions to tailor program structures to their unique academic requirements, offering the flexibility to adapt and optimize their curriculum in response to evolving educational needs and standards.

Examination Record Management for Graduates

LegiCred offers universities an Examination Record Management feature to track graduates’ academic performance. Universities can enroll graduates into specific programs and systematically record and manage their educational achievements. This includes grading for individual courses on a semester-wise basis, providing a comprehensive and organized system for universities to maintain accurate academic records and facilitate efficient credential issuance for their graduates.

Programme Credentials & Document Generation

LegiCred empowers universities to create educational documents, including transcripts, marksheets, and degree certificates, using uploaded data. These documents are subsequently stored on a blockchain, ensuring heightened security and permanence. This feature streamlines document generation, safeguards against tampering, and bolsters the credibility of academic records, providing a robust solution for universities and credential recipients alike.

Instant Credential Verification Using Blockchain

LegiCred enables swift credential verification through blockchain technology. Employers, educational institutions, and background check firms can promptly confirm the authenticity of credentials issued on the platform. The blockchain-based verification process ensures data integrity and security, expediting verification for various entities, enhancing trust, and simplifying the validation of academic achievements.

Payment Module – Monetization Options for Verification & Document Issuance

LegiCred’s Payment Module provides universities with a means to generate revenue. They can charge third parties for verifying academic credentials, leveraging the trustworthiness of their verification system and the blockchain-stored data. This feature allows institutions to create income streams while reinforcing the authenticity of their graduates’ qualifications. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement that supports financial sustainability and bolsters their reputation in the academic and professional realms.

Automation of Credential Issuance Process

LegiCred automates the verification and issuance of digital credentials, eliminating the need for physical certificates and reducing administrative costs. Students can access their digital degrees promptly, enhancing employability. LegiCred ensures data security, transparency, and accuracy, preventing credential fraud. Its streamlined, efficient approach revolutionizes traditional credential management, benefiting universities and graduates alike.

National Academic Depository (NAD) Data Generator (For India)

LegiCred offers a National Academic Depository (NAD) Data Generator tailored for India. Users can effortlessly produce student data files in the prescribed NAD format. The generator accepts various essential parameters and outputs a file ready for seamless uploading to the NAD platform, simplifying the data submission process for educational institutions and ensuring compliance with NAD requirements.

Data Analytics & Insights

LegiCred gathers vital data throughout the credential issuance process, leveraging it to provide actionable insights to universities. These insights assist institutions in making data-driven decisions, especially regarding their marketing strategies. By analyzing the platform’s data, universities can optimize their outreach and promotional efforts, enhancing their effectiveness and ensuring they align with the evolving needs of their student base and stakeholders.

Social Media Integration

LegiCred incorporates social media integration functionalities, empowering universities to efficiently promote their brand presence and engage with their audience across various social platforms. This feature streamlines the process of sharing achievements, news, and updates, enhancing universities’ online visibility and enabling them to connect with prospective students, alumni, and the wider community. It facilitates an effective and modern approach to brand marketing and engagement.

Benefits of LegiCred

LegiCred offers a secure and efficient way for universities to issue and verify academic credentials, saving time and costs while increasing transparency and trust….

Benefits For Universities

Benefits For Universities

  1. Enhanced Credibility: Securely store and verify academic credentials with LegiCred’s blockchain technology.
  2. Reduced Administrative Costs: Streamline verification, reduce manual tasks, and cut costs with us.
  3. Improved Efficiency: Our solution simplifies credential management, verification, and sharing for universities.
  4. Improved Data Security: Securely store and manage student data with blockchain technology.
  5. Improved Student Experience: Unlock career opportunities for your students with easy access to verified credentials.
  6. Increased Competitiveness: Securely manage & verify student credentials to stand out competitively.
  7. Potential Revenue Stream: Unlock new revenue streams for universities with transactional and subscription models.

Benefits For Students

  1. Greater Transparency: Blockchain technology / LegiCred adds trust and transparency to credential verification.
  2. Convenient: Securely share academic achievements with ease through LegiCred.
  3. Reduced Costs: Save on verification and management costs with our efficient platform.
  4. Improved Data Security: Protect your credentials from theft and fraud with blockchain.
  5. Increased Employability: Securely manage and verify credentials to enhance employability and success.
  6. Improved Access to Higher Education: Effortlessly share verified credentials to streamline credit transfers and applications.
  7. Increased Trustworthiness & Control: Easily manage and verify credentials to stand out.

Benefits For Employers

  1. Improved Hiring Process: Streamline your hiring process with LegiCred’s verified credential platform.
  2. Reduced Risk: Securely verify credentials to hire with confidence using blockchain technology.
  3. Increased Efficiency: Verify candidates quickly and efficiently, saving your time and money.
  4. Greater Trust: Boost hiring confidence with LegiCred’s transparency and trust.
  5. Improved Compliance: Streamline hiring compliance with LegiCred’s credential verification platform.
  6. Simplified Onboarding: Efficiently onboard verified hires with LegiCred’s automated platform.
  7. Improved Reputation: Boost your credibility and transparency in hiring with blockchain-based verification.

Who Can Use LegiCred?

LegiCred extends its blockchain-backed services to university students, institutions, and employers, ensuring the authenticity and reliability of educational documents. 

Blockchain Process 

Directly to Students 

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